Sarah & Chopper

The video is unbelievable! I’ve watched it at least 5 times now and have cried every single time. It’s genius! The way you used the time so efficiently with the voice-overs and OMG the recessional footage–the way you interspliced it with our walk on the BKLN Bridge–it’s so genius! Chopper and I are so blown away by it. The music is perfect, the timing of the music is perfect, the scenes, the moments–amazing! I hope you’re doing well and pulling in business like crazy! You’re so talented and I hope I can direct so many more couples your way. Hiring you was definitely one of the best vendor decisions Chopper and I made. You documented what turned out to be the most important day of our lives so far and you did it in such a smart, artsy way and in a way that really reflected us in it. Plus you are dismantling the cheesy wedding video industry one client at a time :) That has to be fulfilling!

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